Surecatch Mono Drag Cast Net

Finding the perfect casting net can be a tough job. Luckily, Surecatch has got you covered with their 1′ 50ft Bait Net.

This is a 50ft 1-inch mono net, ideal for catching live bait, so you don’t have to use frozen baits.

The top quality, heavy-duty monofilament ensures that your net will stand the test of time and won’t tear after first use.

The lead-weighed bottom ensures that the net not only opens faster, but also spreads fully and lays flatter. This makes sure you catch the optimal amount of fish and that none can escape – great for catching prawns, mullet and other schooling fish.

It is important to make sure that your state allows nets such as this to be used when fishing, so make sure you check your state or territory’s fishing regulations before you head out.

This high quality Surecatch 1′ 50ft Bait Net is the perfect tool for your next fishing trip.


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