Rogue Live Bait Landing Net


Fishing with live bait is one of the most effective methods to catch sought-after species such as kingfish, snapper and jewfish. Once you have caught yourself some live bait, you can keep it alive using a tank or bucket, and possibly an aerator. However, getting them out from your tank or bucket when you want to cast a line can be nearly impossible with your hands. Bait fish are fast and slippery, and that’s why you need the Rogue Live Bait Net.
It has an ultra-fine mesh so none of your live bait can fall through the gaps.
It is the perfect size to quickly net a mullet, yellow tail, or any other small fish, so you can get your bait in the water quicker. The rubberised netting will prevent any tangles and won’t remove the mucus layer on fish, so they stay alive on your hook for longer.


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